Postcards from Jenna is a poetic book written postcard by postcard.

The postcards and chapters are written by me, Jenna. They are illustrated by kindred spirits I meet who live in each city.

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The postcards are all free for anyone receiving them, no matter where they live in the world. I post the stories for each city here on this site as I travel.

If you think that is awesome, you’re welcome to donate the price of a book and help me offset printing and mailing costs. If you do, I (Jenna) will directly email you an original gratitude poem.

It may be a little bit until you receive your next postcard. In the meantime, please follow @postcardsfromjenna to read first drafts and see photos of postcards-in-progress.

Now, all that’s left is for you to find a quiet spot, allow yourself to have a moment, and read about the magic of each of these places:

Chapter 1 ……… BARCELONA
Chapter 2 ……… BUENOS AIRES
Chapter 3 ……… 東京
Chapter 4 ……… CIUDAD DE MÉXICO
Chapter 5 ……... BERLIN